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5 حاجات لازم تعرفها عن خشب الأثاث

5 things you need to know about wood furniture

5 things you need to know about wood furniture

Countertop furniture is the best thing. If you hear the word break, you take a bite and walk along

If you knock on wood and find the sound muffled, then the wood is sound. However, if you hear its sound from an empty space, then this is broken furniture and not beautiful.

When you buy furniture, try to choose plain wood that does not have a lot of engravings or drawings, which is the olema, because over time the olema becomes comfortable and becomes easy to break.

If you would like to buy polished, painted wood, keep in mind, because the polish shows dents easily and it is difficult to treat the dents.

Know the type of wood well before you buy and make sure that the wood is of high quality

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إزاي تفرق بين أنواع الخشب؟

How do you differentiate between wood types?

Before you buy furniture for your home, you must know the types of wood well so that you can choose the right one that suits you and not laugh at you. That is why we have collected the types of w...

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