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إزاي تفرق بين أنواع الخشب؟

How do you differentiate between wood types?

Before you buy furniture for your home, you must know the types of wood well so that you can choose the right one that suits you and not laugh at you. That is why we have collected the types of wood for you in one article to make it a guide for you.

Musky wood
This wood is yellowish-white in color and full of burnt-brown grains. It is considered a relatively cheap type of wood.
Compared to other types, it is considered the lowest type in terms of quality and is usually used in the manufacture of ordinary doors

Mujah wood

Its color remains between red and brown. Mahogany wood, its scientific name is (mahogany), and it is one of the strong and expensive woods, but its only drawback is that its coefficient of thermal expansion is quite large.

Beech wood
Its color remains brown, and some of it has a reddish-beige color. It is one of the finest and strongest types of wood in the world because it is distinguished by its high density and is one of the best furniture furniture.

Oak wood
This wood is a slightly dark beige color and has a very elegant appearance. It is used in furniture and in the manufacture of luxurious doors.

Dear wood
This wood is yellow in color, and the most distinctive thing about dear wood is its extreme tolerance to weather factors, sun, and water, and its coefficient of thermal expansion is very low, which is why it is used in the manufacture of pergolas, landscapes, and roofs, and it has another name in the market (Pets Pine).

After knowing the types, choose what suits you from Naples

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