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إزاي تتأكد من جودة الخشب؟

How do you make sure of the quality of the wood?

How do you know if the wood you are buying is of high quality or not?

The first thing to do is press it with your hand from the inside and outside, and if you feel that it is brown or has gaps, then the wood is not good.

If you find that the wood has many fine lines and its color is close to red, then it is good wood

If you find that the wood has an outer veneer, be careful because it may be broken and the veneer is broken
To manage it

If you find wooden joints with staples, glue, and a lot of nails, this probably means ●
The wood is not in very good condition

    These are some ways to know if wood is in good condition or not. Tell us if you know other ways to check the quality of wood?

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    ليه تختار خشب طبيعي بدل الخشب الصناعي؟

    Why choose natural wood instead of artificial wood?

    Why choose natural wood instead of artificial wood? Because natural wood can withstand, but artificial wood cannot bear heavy weights and is easy to break It is not recommended to use it...

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    إزاي تفرق بين أنواع الخشب؟

    How do you differentiate between wood types?

    Before you buy furniture for your home, you must know the types of wood well so that you can choose the right one that suits you and not laugh at you. That is why we have collected the types of w...

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