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أول سوق إلكتروني للأثاث الدمياطي

The first electronic market for Damietta furniture

The first electronic market for Damietta furniture

Learn about the largest platform on which the most skilled craftsmen and exhibitions in Damietta compete to present the finest and finest furniture

In the Middle East at highly competitive prices

Napolia will be your eyes in Damietta by browsing our platform while you are at your place to compare prices and choose from 1,500 various pieces of furniture to satisfy your taste.

Napolia will be your personal assistant. This means that if you have additions or modifications to any piece of furniture or want a completely custom design , we will relieve you of the burden of dealing with the manufacturers and we will follow up with them on all modifications without you needing to travel or move from your place.

Because we are the ones who guarantee the product in front of you and monitor the quality on it and all types of raw materials and wood, through our experience and our name, we offer you the best opportunity to get the strongest and cheapest deal you can get from Damietta, and with payment facilities from us as well.

We are waiting for you to take a quick tour of our website and see the newest and finest designs on the market right now. Come on in!

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ليه تختار خشب طبيعي بدل الخشب الصناعي؟

Why choose natural wood instead of artificial wood?

Why choose natural wood instead of artificial wood? Because natural wood can withstand, but artificial wood cannot bear heavy weights and is easy to break It is not recommended to use it...

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How do you differentiate between wood types?

Before you buy furniture for your home, you must know the types of wood well so that you can choose the right one that suits you and not laugh at you. That is why we have collected the types of w...

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