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who are we

Welcome to Napolia Tech, your first source for classic furniture.
We dedicate all our efforts to provide you with the finest and most high-quality handcrafted Damietta furniture

The Napolia team aims at the rapid digital transformation in the Damietta market for the furniture industry
In order to facilitate access to customers mainly, without the need for travel procedures to Damietta
Or any of the classic buying methods, especially after the pandemic
Everything is now just a click away on your phone or from any other browser

We specialize in classic Italian furniture and reproduction French antique furniture to match the zeitgeist
Let us rely in our strategy on two wings, the first is the best quality for the best price, and the second is the commitment to delivery on time

Our catalog includes a wide range of classic French and Italian styles, with some modern styles as well, according to your whims, for example: antique French sofas and Louis XIV console tables, and more hand-inlaid mahogany sideboards and sideboards,
Also dining room chairs and tables from the Baroque era, antique chests of drawers, whether pompe or with a glossy black style, reception desks and luxurious armchairs from the golden age
We also have a wide variety of classic bedrooms and more than a thousand antique pieces of paintings, antiques and antique coffee tables

Our presentation of this amazing group of classic and modern classic furniture is just a service that reflects the extent of our experience and our depth in the Damietta furniture market. You are safe with us from any attempt to deceive, procrastinate in delivery, or worry about the quality of raw materials, and we guarantee you all manufacturing errors, all of this without the need to travel to Damietta
With more services such as custom manufacturing and custom designs according to your request and interior projects, as well as reproduction of antiques in order to match different finishes.
We hope you will not hesitate to contact us

Founded in March 2021: Ahmed Hassan, Ali Sadiq and Mohamed Shaheen

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy serving them to you


Founding Team Naples