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Customization service


who are we

Napolia is the first digital platform specialized in marketing all Damietta showrooms to individuals and companies as well as interior designers who serve their clients independently.

Napoli will be the link between the most skilled craftsmen in Damietta and our customers, provided that we bear all guarantees of manufacturing, quality and delivery times. How can we help you

Napolia relieves independent interior designers of the burden of dealing with craftsmen, delivery commitments and the quality of manufacturing materials are entirely our responsibility.

So that you can devote yourself entirely to the task of creativity and design, and it is our responsibility to implement the highest quality in the most famous furniture capital in the Middle East. You Create We Execute.

Naples relies mainly on the unique diversity of its database of craftsmen in the ancient city, covering all types of furniture designs that you can draw to make your imagination a reality within the most suitable workshop and with the standards you want exactly.

What we excel at

Naples takes the furniture industry to a different place where no one can compete with us, and it is realization
- The most successful deal a freelance furniture designer can get
- Manufacturing to order
- Installments over 6 months through banks:
CIB - Mashreq Bank - National Bank - Banque Misr - Banque du Caire
- All manufacturing and quality guarantees for the safety of the product are our full responsibility
An endless variety of all kinds of furniture makes us have the expertise to deal with your unique design
Whatever you think of, you will find our experience in implementing it, and you will always find the precedent of our work that facilitates creativity for you
- The easiest implementation experience you can get inside Damietta, in addition to home delivery at the same time

How to start with us

- All you have to do is enter our website and get acquainted with more than 1,500 ready-made foundations

- And press the WhatsApp button next to each piece

If you were inspired by a new design while browsing our products or even modifying one of the products, all of this is possible by simply sending your design directly, and the furniture expert will follow up to give all information about the price, how and time of implementation, and get acquainted with the full details of the deal. You will not walk in it alone, take the first step and you will find us. Always on your right with encouragement and implementation.